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3D Visualization & Design


Have a great idea for a product?  ALLAXIS can provide you with design services and assist with your product's development.  ALLAXIS 3D Design Services utilize advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) software along with the use of 3D scanners & 3D printers backed by a team of qualified Designers & Engineering professionals to provide you with the top quality designs.  We thrive on problem solving and a continued effort towards design refinement while constantly taking into consideration your product's marketing, production & distribution factors.  Call today to set up a Free consultation and let's turn your idea into a reality!

Rapid Prototyping/Replicating


Already have a 3D file you simply want to 3D print?  Or perhaps you have a long lost part you want to replicate?  At ALLAXIS we have a number of diverse 3D printers at our disposal to fit your needs.  From Paper to Plastic our 3D printers produce top quality parts in a number of materials!  Along with our in-house capabilities we also have a network of 3D printer associates who can assist with filling high quantity & quality demands.  Send us your 3D file for a free 3D printing quote.

3D Training


At ALLAXIS we recognize the increase interest of individuals wanting to learn how to create & design in 3D.  The demand for qualified 3D Designers & Printers grows each & every day as 3D technolgy is advancing each & every day!  ALLAXIS training classes focus on the necessary knowledge that will allow an individual to become productive in the least amount of time.  ALLAXIS offers both classes in CAD as well as 3D printing and can help you develop your 3D Skills set. 

3D Consulting/Presentations


The interest in 3D technology is growing at a feaver pitch.  As more and more individuals become aware of the possibilities 3D technology has to offer so does the increase in demand to listen to the experts share their knowledge and opinions.  At ALLAXIS we have an enthusiastic passion to share our knowledge through speaking and presentation engagements.  The number of individuals attending ALLAXIS speaking engagements continues to grow as the interest in 3D printing grows.  Armed with 3D printers & actual 3D printed samples, ALLAXIS speaking engagements are great interactive thought provoking events.  Reserve an ALLAXIS proffesional to speak at your next event!

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