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Rapid Prototype

Golfing Tool Invention

Rapid Prototype


Wonder Arms
Part Replication

Part Replication for broken or discontinued parts

3D Design by ALLAXIS3D

3D printed prototype for fitting determination

3D Tool Design

Scraper Tool Design

Part replication

replication of lost, broken or discontinued parts

Mechanical Design

Trigger Mechanism design for Cross Bow

Mecahnical Design

Trigger Mechanism design for Cross Bow

ALLAXIS Engineering



Customized Surfing Skeg

Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration of Standing Seam Roof Design

Haloe's Part

Duplication of Part for a company that claims they know how to duplicate parts. ;)

Post Processing Services

Various post production finishes

Part Reproduction

Broken Parts? No problem

3D printed Prototype

Yes, we can 3D print a shoe

3D printed Engine Mcor

Printed on our Mcor Paper-based 3D printer. Yes, it's made of paper


Actually 3D printed for a Movie prop

Another broken Part

Just another impossible to find part for a dresser drawer

3D printed parts for Boating Indust

Printed for a Jet Ski Manufacturer as a prototype

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