3D Printing & Design 101 Classes

Learn how to digitally create your own ideas with 3D software and then bring them to life through the aide of 3D printing technology!  Whether you're an inventor, artist, teacher or simply just curious & creative, these fun hands-on classes are designed for students to learn by doing!  Through the use of easy to learn 3D CAD software and engaging hands-on exercises, students will have fun creating their first 3D print they get to keep!

Class Duration: 2 Hours

Maximum Class Size: 5 students

Kid's class: Ages 10-14

Adult class: Ages 15+


The instructor Mr. Alex Lorenzo is the President of ALLAXIS 3D Printers and has over 30 years of experience teaching Computer Aided Drafting & Design.

ALLAXIS 3D Printers

Email: alexl@allaxis3dprinters.com

Phone: (561) 323-4702

Address: Lake Park, Florida 33403

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