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Eye Drop Vase by Slaavkoo

“Exquisite 3D Printed Raindrop Vase in Elegant Black & Gold


Discover the beauty and sophistication of this unique 6-inch tall Raindrop Vase, masterfully 3D printed to create a stunning visual effect. The sleek transition from deep black to shimmering gold not only adds a touch of luxury but also captures the essence of modern elegance. This vase, with its captivating raindrop shape, is more than just a container for your favorite blooms; it’s a statement piece that enhances any decor. Whether gracing your living room or adding a refined touch to your office, this vase is the perfect choice for those who appreciate unique finer things in life.”

Eye Drop Vase by Slaavkoo

SKU: Eyedropvase-b/g
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