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At ALLAXIS we enjoy showing off our latest 3D Design & Printing projects!  Over the years we have worked closely with both individuals & corporations to help them meet their needs & deadlines.

Scale Model

ALLAXIS was contracted by Affinti Achitects of Boca Raton Florida to create a physical scale model for a proposed architectural design to be located on the Island of Palm Beach, Florida.  The City's Architectural Design Committee "ARCOM" oversees all proposed architectural design & construction proposals and is known for its demand for detailed information to explain design concepts.  For any design over 10,000 square feet it is mandated by the committee that a physical scale model be provided.  Typically, architectural scale models produced though conventional model making techniques can take a considerable time to produce and can be very costly.  With the aid of 3D CAD and 3D printing technology, ALLAXIS provided a quick turn-around to produce a 3/32" scale model replica of the 16,000 Square Foot design within just a short couple of weeks.  The ability of ALLAXIS to create the model quickly allowed for design changes to be considered before the final submittal.  The final submittal deadline was met and we are happy to say the project was approved and is currently under construction.  In addition to Scale models, ALLAXIS provides other visualization services including 3D computer generated renderings & animations.  Our extensive architectural knowledge allows us to offer the tools necessary for architects to present their concepts and designs that leave nothing to the imagination.​

Custom Parts

Wamiltons Customs, Inc. is a company specializing in the custom fabrication of professional competitive jet skis.  The company's president, Wamilton Librelato Teixeira is a world champion Jet Ski competitor who is sought out by jet ski competitors around the world for his high performance custom jet skis.  Wamilton asked if we could 3D print some jet ski propulsion parts that would aid him in the process of designing a new custom jet ski body.  The part once printed allowed him to check for possible fitting & interference issues.  The parts were produced within a tolerance of .005 inch accuracy.  The success of the project and the quality of the 3D printed part now has Wamilton considering other uses for 3d printing including the production of custom parts for retail. 

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